Loans without guarantor, what they are and how to obtain them.

Additional loans are often required to obtain a loan, such as the signature of a third person or the mortgage on a property. But what to do if you can’t count on a guarantor or on assets to be mortgaged? The loans no guarantor, and in particular those with the Fourthe Assignment, are the ideal solution to directly obtain new liquidity, useful to cover unexpected expenses or to create their own project!

Guarantors and mortgages, what are they and what are they for?

Guarantors and mortgages, what are they and what are they for?

The figure of the guarantor is represented by the one who guarantees the repayment of the loan, committing himself in the event of insolvency. He is generally very close to us, in many cases a family member.

Alternatively, banking and financial institutions can request tangible assets as collateral, usually real estate that is subject to a mortgage to cover the requested loan.

Loans without guarantor: what they are and to whom they are addressed

Loans without guarantor: what they are and to whom they are addressed

Loans without mortgage or guarantor are forms of credit that do not impose additional guarantees beyond salary or pension. What does it mean in practice? No guarantors and no mortgages : just a few documents and the applicant’s signature are enough to have liquidity.

Among the different types of financing without guarantor, the most convenient and popular is undoubtedly the Spesk de Dalpo, a fixed-rate loan designed to meet the needs of employees and retirees.

Why choose a loan without guarantor with Spesk de Dalpo

Why choose a loan without guarantor with Cessione del Quinto

The absence of guarantors and mortgages makes the Cession of the Fourthe accessible also to protesters and bad payers, but this is not the only benefit offered by the financial instrument in question.

Here are its main strengths :

  • Flexibility : it allows to obtain from 5,000 and 75,000 euros, to be paid in installments up to 120 months, and can be paid off in advance or renegotiated before maturity.
  • Confidentiality : being a loan not finalized it is not necessary to specify how you intend to use the credit disbursed.
  • Sustainability : to protect the quality of life of the applicant, the amount of the installments never exceeds 20% of the net salary or net pension (one Fourthe, in fact).
  • Convenience : monthly payments are deducted automatically from payroll or pension.
  • Security : the loan always includes an insurance policy, which covers both the life risk and the loss of the job, so as never to weigh on your family unit.
  • Practicality : thanks to simplified telematic practices, the credit is provided quickly.

Those who need more liquidity can add the Distributed Loan to the Cession of the Fourthe, a personal loan also called “double Fourthe”, because it allows you to increase the monthly payment up to 40% of the payroll or pension.

How to get a loan with Spesk de Dalpo

How to get a loan with Cessione del Quinto

To request a loan without mortgage or guarantee with assignment loans just contact your bank or financial institution and present:

  • Personal documents (identity card and tax code).
  • Last two payslips (or the last two payslips of the pension).
  • CUD (or Model Obis N ).
  • Salary certificate issued by the employer (or transferable share certificate issued by the pension institution in the possession of the applicant).


Easy loans – how to obtain

lending companies is a company that lends small sums of money to its customers. You can borrow from USD 500 up to USD 10,000 through a micro loan. For the loans up to USD 3,000, a maturity of 30 days applies. If you want to borrow more money from lending companies, the maturity will be 90 days instead of why the loan is called a quarterly loan instead.

It is really only the maturity that separates the smaller loans and the larger ones . Of course, the total cost will be greater for those who want to borrow more money, but if you look at monthly interest rates and effective interest rates, this will be lower for the higher amounts.

There are no rules that you must have borrowed from them earlier in order to borrow the larger amounts, so it is no worry to borrow the largest amount the first time. Also, applying for a micro loan of USD 1,000 is not done in any other way than an application for a quarterly loan of USD 10,000.

To apply for a loan

To apply for a loan

The idea with micro-loans is that they should be easy to apply and so is lending companies. You can choose to apply either via the web or to do so on the mobile phone. No matter how you choose to apply, the first step is to go to their website. If you choose the form, just fill in this and they will provide an answer. If you instead want to call them directly then check out the things that should be entered in the form for it is the same information that you need to be ready to provide over the phone.

Your application will then be processed and you will receive a reply. If this is positive, the money will be paid out as soon as possible. How fast this goes depends on the time the application comes in. The usual thing is that an application that comes in before 13:00 also means that the money is in the account on the same day, provided it is a weekday.

Terms and conditions for obtaining a loan from lending companies

Terms and conditions for obtaining a loan from lending companies

If you apply for a loan, a credit check will be carried out and in order to have a chance to do so, you must meet some basic conditions. These are that you should be at least 18 years old and registered . Furthermore, you may not have any active payment notes. You must also have an income th can check in their credit check, which is large enough to make them feel secure in lending money. The size of this income varies by how much you want to borrow. For the smaller loans, an income of USD 50,000 or 100,000 per year is required. If you want to borrow more than USD 4,000, you must earn at least USD 120,000.

How does credit card charge back work?

Made a purchase and regret it? Calm down, all is not lost: maybe you can order and charge back your credit card!

A credit card chargeback is the return of a purchase amount. He may be asked, as well as for repentance, when there is an error or improper invoice collection. These situations can occur, for example, if a product is charged in duplicate.

In the event of an improper charge, it is critical to contact your card carrier immediately. This is because if it was not the customer who made the purchase, he may be the victim of a scam – such as cloning his credit card.

Credit Card Reversal: What is it?

Credit Card Reversal: What is it?

When you request a chargeback on your card, the consumer receives the credit amount on their invoice. Consider a total invoice of $ 1,100, where you request reimbursement for a purchase of $ 100. This $ 100 will appear listed as credit on the invoice. That is, instead of paying $ 1,100, he will pay $ 1,000, as the chargeback will be deducted from the total amount.

Chargeback appears as credit on the next credit card statement.

However, refunds can occur in two ways: on the current or next invoice, depending on the date of the refund request. Imagine that your invoice closes on the 6th, but the refund was only made on the 9th. Here, you must pay the full amount charged this month, and the incorrect purchase discount will appear on the next month’s invoice.

In the case of installment purchases, only the amounts of installments already paid are reversed. Those that are yet to expire are only canceled, and no credit is required on the invoice.

Requesting chargeback

Requesting chargeback

To request a return of values, the consumer must contact the retailer directly. Contact with the credit card company should only be made if the merchant refuses to make the request or if there is an improper charge on the invoice.

In the latter case, as quoted, prompt action is required due to the danger of fraud. The deadline for return of values ​​is 8 days.

Depending on the reason for the credit card chargeback request, the walkthrough changes. In the case of withdrawal of a face-to-face purchase, for example, the order must be placed on the same day of purchase. However, the shopkeeper has no obligation to comply with the request, as there is no Law on.

If the consumer pays a different amount from the advertised by the product, can also request the return of values ​​to the seller. In this situation, he is required to fulfill the request.

Among others, the possibility of credit card reversal aims to ensure that the consumer pays only what they agreed to buy.

Already online shopping have the possibility of guaranteed refund. But there is a deadline: 7 days after receipt of the product, and only after delivery. That is, it is not possible to give up the purchase immediately after making it: the consumer must wait for the arrival of the item, request the return of values, send the product to the store and wait for the chargeback.

If the store and card operator deny the refund, the individual may seek assistance from the Procon (Consumer Protection and Protection Program) of their city.

Here, it is important to file a police report with the police and to go to the defense agency with all the information about the collection. Procon can broker an agreement on repayment of the amount.


What is Buy Here, Pay Here? -Buy Here, Pay Here: Bad credit is not a problem

Buying a new or used car usually involves paying in cash, leasing or applying for a loan to finance part or all of the purchase price of the vehicle. But, you can also choose to “buy here pay here” (BHPH) at a dealership that offers this alternative payment. Especially if you have very little credit or do not have credit, a BHPH car dealer may be the right option for you.

The BHPH dealer lends you the money to buy a car, so you do not have to get a loan for the car through a conventional lender. Your BHPH dealer can help you get the car you like, even if your credit is bad. But, there are some things you should know before going shopping at a BHPH dealer.

Being prepared with the information you need when you go to the car dealership can facilitate and expedite the process of buying your car. Here are five important questions you should ask your BHPH dealer before agreeing to buy a vehicle.

Buy Here, Pay Here: Bad credit is not a problem  

We are a leading BHPH car dealership in Hawthorne, CA. You can buy here and pay here, so we can help you get a car when other dealers can not. Smith Auto accepts any type of income, including SSI, disability and government assistance. Even if you have a bad credit record, Motorlender Car cash can help you. We offer a large selection of low mileage used cars and later models, many of them with payments as low as $ 150. We are committed to the satisfaction of our customers, above all. And we are very proud that our clients come back and send us their family and friends.

For more information on how to buy a car with bad credit or no credit, call Smith Auto. For more than 25 years, we have been helping our customers get the cars they need.

1. What items should I bring when I go to the dealership?

Ask what documents to bring before going shopping at the dealership. Make sure you have all the documents with you, to greatly speed up the buying process of the car you want. The list of necessary items may vary, depending on your specific credit situation and dealer policies. In general, you may need the following documents to buy a car at a BHPH dealership:

  • Driver’s license
  • Social Security number
  • Proof of employment and income (salary receipts, with one less than 30 days)
  • Financial information (bank checking account, savings, and credit cards)
  • Proof of residency (rental agreement or mortgage document)
  • Current utility bill (telephone, electricity, gas or water)
  • List of several references (with full contact information)
  • Test car insurance
  • Amount of the advance

Call the dealer before your visit to ask exactly what documents are needed. The dealership representative will help you make sure you have everything you need.

2. What types of payment are accepted?

Instead of the monthly payments, you would make to a traditional lender, you can set up a weekly or biweekly payment schedule (twice a month) at your BHPH dealer. You may need to take your cash payment to your location, or they can allow several other payment methods. Ask if your payments can be made online or by phone. Some merchants allow payment by money order. Or, the BHPH dealer may require payments for automatic withdrawal from your checking or savings account, or with a credit card. Discuss several payment options with the distributor, to find the one that best suits your particular financial situation.

3. Where are they located?

It is important to choose a dealer that is near your home or place of work. When you look at the list of BHPH dealers in your area, look for one that is conveniently located, to make it as easy as possible to make your payment. In addition, BHPH car dealers prefer to work with a customer who lives or works near their dealership. This is because a closer location makes it geographically as easy as possible for the customer to maintain the payment agreement. Therefore, choosing a dealer near you can make it even easier for you to get the car you want.

4. What level of quality can I expect in your vehicles?

Bad credit history should not stop you from buying a quality car. On the contrary, BHPH distributors focus on providing reliable vehicles. They understand that customers are likely to be more motivated to continue making payments for a well-functioning car. Ask your dealer about their inspection standards and the processes they use to recondition the vehicles they offer. Also, confirm that repair and maintenance services are available at the dealer or at a qualified repair center.

5. What is your policy on late payments?

Although everyone plans to make car payments on time, sometimes a payment may be late. It is very important to understand the dealer’s policy on late payments. You should ask several questions regarding late payments:

  • Is there a grace period for late payments? Or will the car be seized the day after the payment expires but not paid?
  • Will someone contacts you before the recovery? Or, will they simply recover the car without any discussion?

A late payment can never become a problem, but you should be clear about what to expect if you ever have an emergency that causes a delay in payment. It is also a good idea to ask if the dealer reports routinely and negatively about your payments to the credit reporting agencies. You should know if your loan is helping you rebuild or start your credit history.

Car loan with a temporary employment contract

Looking for a car loan with a fixed-term employment contract, it is easier to look for adequate providers on the Internet and to refrain from applying to the bank. Since a fixed-term contract limits creditworthiness and does not provide the lender with the necessary security, an application to banks and state-owned credit institutions is always rejected.

However, it is not impossible to obtain a cheap car loan with a fixed-term contract, limited to the online search and selects offers on the financial market or from private investors.

Numerous advantages speak for instant loans from the Internet

Image result for car loan

An unbureaucratic online application is a feature that distinguishes a car loan with a fixed-term contract and prevents long waiting times for the decision to grant. In addition, favorable interest rates and low fees are presented, as well as offers for different sums that are needed. As the permanent employment contract limits creditworthiness and does not provide sufficient security for the lender, assets or a guarantor can be chosen as collateral.

Each applicant receives a commitment, he can secure the loan with cash investments or capital-forming insurance, but also with real estate or other adequate assets in sufficient amount to the desired Summ. The lender only accesses the collateral, the repayment agreement is not adhered to and rates are not paid on time or not at all. In the case of a guarantee, the guarantor will be held liable if the borrower does not pay, thus forcing the lender to collect its accounts receivable on the basis of security.

Save by comparisons

Since the offers for car loan with limited-term employment contract are very complex and are offered by private donors, but also on the free financial market worth a comparison. This can be used to exclude expensive loans and decide between advantageous offers. For all demands and requirements for favorable interest rates, flexibility and special agreements, a suitable car loan with a fixed-term employment contract can be easily found and concluded with advantages.

The application is online. The applicant will be notified within 24 hours and will be pleased to receive a quick payment. Already 7 days after the disbursement, thus after the legal waiting period has ended, the borrower has the chance to withdraw the money and to realize the purchase of the car.

With a free comparison on the Internet, transparency is brought into different offers and a decision for the right offer favors. Online loans from private or from the free financial market convince with fair conditions and are an adequate possibility.

Car Loan

If you are planning to buy a new car, we will be happy to make you a non-binding offer for a cheap car loan. With us you will not only find financing for your car, but also for two-wheelers, caravans or motorhomes. It does not matter if it is a new car or a used car.

Financing of new and used cars

Financing of new and used cars

Since we transfer the loan amount to your account, you can purchase your new vehicle from a dealer, on the internet or from a private seller. In any case, a car loan offers you the opportunity to act as a cash payer and to negotiate so often high discounts. The price reduction means that a smaller sum has to be financed so that a cheap bank loan for a car purchase is often worth more than a so-called dealer credit from the car manufacturer. Unlike other lenders, you do not need to deposit the Part II registration certificate, formerly known as a car letter, as collateral for the car loan. 

As we carry out a credit comparison with several banks for you, we also include special car loans offered by our partners. These loans often have a particularly low interest rate.

Car loan – forms of financing

Car loan - forms of financing

In a car loan, various forms of financing are offered, which may be, for example, a classic installment loan. The loan amount is transferred to the current account of the borrower, he can then freely dispose of the amount. The consumer center Vandolf has found that car buyers achieve particularly high discounts on a car purchase, if they do not immediately accept the dealer’s first offer. If you take one or two days to think about it and then visit the dealer again, you often have a good chance of getting a higher discount. 

In a so-called balloon financing, also called final installment loan, the borrower pays a relatively low rate during the term of the loan. As a result, the full loan is not repaid until the end of the term, but a residual amount remains. The remaining loan amount can either be repaid in one amount or the borrower decides on a follow-up financing. For some offers, it is also possible to return the vehicle at the end of the repayment term, as it is known from leasing. 

Who leases a vehicle, pays only a leasing rate per month for the use of the car. The leasing rate is often lower than a loan installment. For this, the financed motor vehicle remains in the possession of the leasing company and the borrower receives the car only as part of a transfer of use. When the lease expires, the car is returned and the lessee can choose a new vehicle. Upon return, it will be checked that all contract terms have been met. If the car has damage or defects or has been driven too many kilometers during the lease, a subsequent payment will be made.

Car Loans Germany

The market research consulting company reserach tools has examined different distribution channels for car loans in its current study “Marketing Mix Analysis Car Loan 2018”. 10 banks were scrutinized here. The conclusion: The communication is rudimentary.

The 4 Marketing Pages Product, Price, Place, Promotion were analyzed. The strengths and weaknesses analysis and the marketing ranking bring the results together and a statistical marketing positioning visualizes the results of many companies.

The majority of the companies examined here are customer-oriented in car loan sales. Many information about the car loan can be easily found on the websites – in most cases, an online loan calculator for a quick overview of the expected conditions is available.

Diversity in distribution channels

Diversity in distribution channels

When it comes to distribution channels too, the institutes focus on diversity. Internet, telephone, bank branches as well as in the case of the automobile banks the branches of the manufacturers are available. Although comparison portals play a significant role in the search for a lender, here the majority of providers actually do without a broad presence. In return, the hotline operating hours and thus the telephone availability of the lenders with an average of 106 hours per week are comparatively high.

4 providers even maintain a 24/7 hotline here. The answer quality for telephone inquiries almost consistently good. By contrast, there is great potential for improvement in the case of e-mail inquiries. The service center of Metabank sets standards in terms of friendliness, speed and quality.

Social media and radio not relevant

Social media and radio not relevant

In social media, the topic of car loan does not seem to interest. Whole 4 postings can be found in the accounts of the 10 providers within 12 months. Mediocommunication is also economical with around 600,000 euros, combined with a really strong use of print media.

On radio advertising, all banks examined completely and thus unfortunately also on the possibility to reach motorists about this. Although the providers themselves very rarely communicate by press release, a total of 380 car loan-related press releases in German daily newspapers, magazines and specialist journals confirm the interest in the topic.

Car loan without private credit query

In recent years, interested consumers have seen a significant change in the credit market. More and more banks have entered the credit market at the turn of the millennium, especially the spread of the Internet has contributed to the positive development of the market. The high supply has led many banks to improve their terms and conditions and to develop loan offers for specific audiences and needs.

The car loan is one of the oldest forms of credit, numerous providers offer car loans today in a modified form, for example, without private credit query on. A car loan without private credit query can be found today especially in the numerous online banks on the Internet, the high supply has made the comparison, however, increasingly difficult, borrowers can hardly find the best individual credit offer for this reason without a targeted comparison on the Internet.

Car loan without private credit search query on the Internet – This is important to note when comparing

Car loan without private credit search query on the Internet - This is important to note when comparing

Of course, a car loan is offered without private credit, not without a credit check. private credit information is normally used to determine the creditworthiness, but private credit does not apply to credit products without private credit, although the borrower still has to prove its creditworthiness for the time being. Especially the monthly income plays an important role in the credit check without private credit, and people with a high income can benefit from excellent interest rates in this way.

The credit rating is largely responsible for the effective interest, but the same applies to the term and loan amount. Borrowers who opt for a small loan amount and a short term can in practice benefit from a low effective interest rate, as the risk for the banks is lower.

A car loan without private credit query should best offer a flexible repayment in installments. The installment repayment proves to be a favorable amortization model, since the repayment debt can be reduced quickly by the consistently high rates and constant time intervals in the repayment of installments. As a result, borrower costs are significantly lower.

Car loan without private credit Query on the Internet compare – That’s how it works

Car loan without private credit Query on the Internet compare - That

The comparison of car loans without private credit query can be done today with the Internet in a quick and easy way. The comparison is not only quick and easy, but also free. Loan calculators allow comparison based on individual loan sizes such as term, loan amount, repayment and monthly income. By naming different criteria, the search for one’s own ideas can be quickly restricted and the best individual offer can be selected. Through this procedure, the most favorable interest can be permanently retrieved and the credit costs can be significantly reduced.