How does credit card charge back work?

Made a purchase and regret it? Calm down, all is not lost: maybe you can order and charge back your credit card!

A credit card chargeback is the return of a purchase amount. He may be asked, as well as for repentance, when there is an error or improper invoice collection. These situations can occur, for example, if a product is charged in duplicate.

In the event of an improper charge, it is critical to contact your card carrier immediately. This is because if it was not the customer who made the purchase, he may be the victim of a scam – such as cloning his credit card.

Credit Card Reversal: What is it?

Credit Card Reversal: What is it?

When you request a chargeback on your card, the consumer receives the credit amount on their invoice. Consider a total invoice of $ 1,100, where you request reimbursement for a purchase of $ 100. This $ 100 will appear listed as credit on the invoice. That is, instead of paying $ 1,100, he will pay $ 1,000, as the chargeback will be deducted from the total amount.

Chargeback appears as credit on the next credit card statement.

However, refunds can occur in two ways: on the current or next invoice, depending on the date of the refund request. Imagine that your invoice closes on the 6th, but the refund was only made on the 9th. Here, you must pay the full amount charged this month, and the incorrect purchase discount will appear on the next month’s invoice.

In the case of installment purchases, only the amounts of installments already paid are reversed. Those that are yet to expire are only canceled, and no credit is required on the invoice.

Requesting chargeback

Requesting chargeback

To request a return of values, the consumer must contact the retailer directly. Contact with the credit card company should only be made if the merchant refuses to make the request or if there is an improper charge on the invoice.

In the latter case, as quoted, prompt action is required due to the danger of fraud. The deadline for return of values ​​is 8 days.

Depending on the reason for the credit card chargeback request, the walkthrough changes. In the case of withdrawal of a face-to-face purchase, for example, the order must be placed on the same day of purchase. However, the shopkeeper has no obligation to comply with the request, as there is no Law on.

If the consumer pays a different amount from the advertised by the product, can also request the return of values ​​to the seller. In this situation, he is required to fulfill the request.

Among others, the possibility of credit card reversal aims to ensure that the consumer pays only what they agreed to buy.

Already online shopping have the possibility of guaranteed refund. But there is a deadline: 7 days after receipt of the product, and only after delivery. That is, it is not possible to give up the purchase immediately after making it: the consumer must wait for the arrival of the item, request the return of values, send the product to the store and wait for the chargeback.

If the store and card operator deny the refund, the individual may seek assistance from the Procon (Consumer Protection and Protection Program) of their city.

Here, it is important to file a police report with the police and to go to the defense agency with all the information about the collection. Procon can broker an agreement on repayment of the amount.


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