Loans without guarantor, what they are and how to obtain them.

Additional loans are often required to obtain a loan, such as the signature of a third person or the mortgage on a property. But what to do if you can’t count on a guarantor or on assets to be mortgaged? The loans no guarantor, and in particular those with the Fourthe Assignment, are the ideal solution to directly obtain new liquidity, useful to cover unexpected expenses or to create their own project!

Guarantors and mortgages, what are they and what are they for?

Guarantors and mortgages, what are they and what are they for?

The figure of the guarantor is represented by the one who guarantees the repayment of the loan, committing himself in the event of insolvency. He is generally very close to us, in many cases a family member.

Alternatively, banking and financial institutions can request tangible assets as collateral, usually real estate that is subject to a mortgage to cover the requested loan.

Loans without guarantor: what they are and to whom they are addressed

Loans without guarantor: what they are and to whom they are addressed

Loans without mortgage or guarantor are forms of credit that do not impose additional guarantees beyond salary or pension. What does it mean in practice? No guarantors and no mortgages : just a few documents and the applicant’s signature are enough to have liquidity.

Among the different types of financing without guarantor, the most convenient and popular is undoubtedly the Spesk de Dalpo, a fixed-rate loan designed to meet the needs of employees and retirees.

Why choose a loan without guarantor with Spesk de Dalpo

Why choose a loan without guarantor with Cessione del Quinto

The absence of guarantors and mortgages makes the Cession of the Fourthe accessible also to protesters and bad payers, but this is not the only benefit offered by the financial instrument in question.

Here are its main strengths :

  • Flexibility : it allows to obtain from 5,000 and 75,000 euros, to be paid in installments up to 120 months, and can be paid off in advance or renegotiated before maturity.
  • Confidentiality : being a loan not finalized it is not necessary to specify how you intend to use the credit disbursed.
  • Sustainability : to protect the quality of life of the applicant, the amount of the installments never exceeds 20% of the net salary or net pension (one Fourthe, in fact).
  • Convenience : monthly payments are deducted automatically from payroll or pension.
  • Security : the loan always includes an insurance policy, which covers both the life risk and the loss of the job, so as never to weigh on your family unit.
  • Practicality : thanks to simplified telematic practices, the credit is provided quickly.

Those who need more liquidity can add the Distributed Loan to the Cession of the Fourthe, a personal loan also called “double Fourthe”, because it allows you to increase the monthly payment up to 40% of the payroll or pension.

How to get a loan with Spesk de Dalpo

How to get a loan with Cessione del Quinto

To request a loan without mortgage or guarantee with assignment loans just contact your bank or financial institution and present:

  • Personal documents (identity card and tax code).
  • Last two payslips (or the last two payslips of the pension).
  • CUD (or Model Obis N ).
  • Salary certificate issued by the employer (or transferable share certificate issued by the pension institution in the possession of the applicant).


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