10 anime with the most realistic art styles

The art of anime can range from primitive and realistic to psychedelic and trippy. It’s a big part of the experience for fans and, therefore, one of the most debated issues. Whether it’s an OVA or the adapted work of a mangaka, the artwork can make or break an animated series.

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Realism in the art of anime can be just as imaginative as any other style. This is what the artist puts in this sense of realism, and how it is used to create the believable worlds where the stories take place, including the characters who live them.

ten Mushishi features beautifully drawn landscapes of Japan that follow Ginko’s travels

Yuki Urushibara is the creator of Mushishi, a manga and anime series that has been hailed for its lush and realistic art style. The story, which takes place during a fictional period in the 19th century as the Edo period wanes and before the start of Meiji, follows Ginko, a man who can see Musi, primitive and ethereal creatures.

Ginko travels around Japan to help people with their Mushi issues. The landscape is beautifully drawn and is one of the main draws of the series.

9 The Flowers Of Evil uses realistic rotoscoping style for great action

Sawa shows the graffiti in the flowers of evil

Aku No Hana (The evil flowers) an unusual animation style is created using a realistic background and rotoscoping for the characters. In rotoscopy, the animator traces on filmed sequences, frame by frame. It is generally used to create compelling action.

The result is a very detailed and naturalistic background, with figures that appear much more primitively drawn, although still lifelike in tone. This is the sense of realistic movement the director wanted to capture, and fans were intrigued by the look.

8 Detailed Black Lagoon Art Brings 1990s Southeast Asian Crime Story to Life

With its serious Southeast Asian crime stories in the 1990s, manga artist Rei Hiroe’s complex portrayal style Black lagoon makes sense and adds to the story of Black lagoon.

The Lagoon Company, a group of pirate mercenaries, brings goods in and out of the region, which is home to criminal syndicates like the Russian Mafia and the Chinese Triads, as well as Vietnamese refugees from the wars. It is a colorful scenario that is brought to life by the artwork.

7 A combination of techniques and realistic drawing style creates the appearance of Ergo Proxy

The story of Ergo Proxy takes place in a post-apocalyptic future where humans and androids live together in peace … until androids become aware of themselves via a virus. It combines fantasy, sci-fi, and cyberpunk style with philosophy and a complex plot about secret government experiments.

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The art is realistic, with a dark toned aesthetic, created with 2D digital animation with 3D modeling. Fans particularly appreciate the attention to detail in character creation, especially for Re-I, the heroine of the story.

6 The world of classical music comes to life in the art of Nodame Cantabile

Music, romance and comedy combine in the story of Nodame Cantabile. It follows Shin’ichi Chiaki and his journey towards a career in classical music. He starts off as a child who travels with his mother and father, a world famous pianist, across Europe, eventually meeting Megumi Nodame, another student, and they help each other make their dreams come true.

The art is realistic in character and setting, and the way the various musical instruments are played is authentic. Of course, the various quaint European towns where they learn and play are also amazing.

5 High school love and basketball struggles get real-world treatment at Slam Dunk

Slam Dunk Anime

In Slam dunk, Hanamichi Sakuragi begins the story as a gang member with a chip on his shoulder and resentment towards basketball players because his old flame left him for one. It’s another girl, Haruko Akagi, who makes him change his mind.

The road to love and basketball is, of course, not so easy, and he soon struggles with rivals and, in the end, learns and excels at the sport. The realistic tone of the story matches the drawing style that captures sports and high school life in detail.

4 The art of Psycho-Pass creates a compelling dark and dystopian world

Shogo Makishima

With the exception of Akane Tsunemori’s larger than normal eyes, Psycho-PassThe story art style grounds the story in a realistic feel and adds a compelling element to its cyberpunk premise. The story-driven chills are set up with intricate settings and character details, and an aesthetic that feels grim even in daylight.

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The series is said to be inspired by live-action movies, including Blade runner (the original from 1982), among others, where the overall design contributes to the construction of the world.

3 Intricately drawn backgrounds highlight the movie Garden of Words

The garden of words

Makoto Shinkai (also known as Makoto Niitsu), is responsible for the films your name and Alter with you, in the same way The garden of words, all of which exhibit its distinctive style of realism. Garden follows the story of two strangers drawn together, with a mutual love of poetry.

The film, like many anime features, uses a combination of techniques, including hand-drawn and computer-generated animation, and rotoscoping. To create many of the film’s finely detailed backgrounds, Shinkai used Photoshop to draw on his own photographs.

2 God Arc weaponry gets hand-drawn details in God Eater

When formidable monsters attack mankind and conventional weapons prove useless, civilization crumbles. But, a new living weapon is emerging: the God Arc. This explains why the creators of God Eater pay so much attention to the weapons of the animated series.

Unlike much of the show, which uses CGI, Studio Ufotable used hand-drawn animation to depict the intricate machinery of the God Arc weapons. The show’s attention to detail in its artwork has helped make it a fan favorite.

1 Monster’s stellar work is loved by fans

In Düsseldorf, Germany, Japanese surgeon Kenzo Tenma realizes with growing horror that a former patient whose life he saved, Johan Liebert, is a serial killer. The realistic artwork makes the spooky edges of the story all too real and adds to the impact of a series that combines elements of a thriller with psychological horror, mystery and adds a government conspiracy to the mixed.

Eerie and disturbing perspectives on the action and a dark cityscape that seems to be cast in perpetual shadow create a tense and suspenseful atmosphere.

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