10 Video Games With The Most Unique Art Styles

There are plenty of video games whose entire art style is based on imitating life. That’s great on its own, but when a game goes the extra mile, that’s when a game really starts to stand out. There are a plethora of games that aim to look like something no one has experienced. These are some of the games that unlock parts of our imagination that gamers might never have known.

This list will show gamers some of the most artistic video games available. It is not a question of saying that one is better than another but of highlighting beautiful games.


10/10 loop hero

Loop Hero has CRT pixel art which makes it all the more fun to watch. The way the game allows players to construct the map themselves adds a level of artistic value to the placement of areas. The cards that players end up creating become massive organic pieces.

It’s nice to see the available environments turn into beautiful lakes, mountains, or thriving towns. The animations, despite looking like part of an NES, are stunning on their own.

9/10 Limbo

Limbo receives accolades from many as a game that presents itself not only as a video game but also as an art form. A lot of people have compared this game to film noir movies and the dark aesthetic really makes that pop. The game has minimalist shadow-like settings and characters.

These allow the player to feel as if they are traversing Limbo. The style of the game motivates him. It creates lots of interesting effects using light throughout the journey.

8/10 Borderlands

Borderlands’ art direction may look cel-shaded but it’s not at all. The style replicates that of a comic book and that’s why it’s so stylistically unique. Everything from the design of the terrain around the player to the different types of enemies makes it a feast for the eyes.

Yes, some land can be barren, but the comic book art style inspires players to explore new areas and see if they’re eye-pleasing.

7/10 Okami

Okami has a unique art style that fills with color to create stunning visuals. Everything in this game is made to pay homage to the Japanese ink painting art style. Everything down to the movements of the main character is stylized.

Running will cause pretty plants to grow from the main character’s footsteps, adding to the already lovely areas the player passes through. Combat in the game is also artistically sound and incorporates the use of a brush as an attack.

6/10 Super Mario Sun

Super Mario Sunshine sets a tropical island theme and sticks to it. The visuals are fun and full of color with everything looking like it’s about to burst onto a player’s screen. The game revolving around paint cleaning makes the product before and after cleaning a level capture the player’s attention.

Everything about every area is comforting to be part of. Playing through this art style is much smoother than other titles, but that’s what makes it one of the best art settings.

5/10 dark souls

Dark Souls has some of the most beautiful designs in the game in terms of the cohesion its areas bring. The art style of medieval romance that engulfs the game adds to the melancholic tones that the player’s adventures bring. It’s not just that the graphics are good.

The graphics are good but the artistic choices in the atmosphere of each location create something that is unmistakably on par with Renaissance pieces. Anyone who has jumped into this tough world can tell anyone that it’s not just the challenge of the game that grabs them, but also the atmosphere.

4/10 FEZ

FEZ has a futuristic style that comes with its distinctive cross between 2D and 3D graphics. Each area looks like a moving piece of art that grabs the player’s attention. The game is meant to be approached slowly and methodically. There is no pressure or rush in its experience and it allows players to bask in its artistic intricacies.

It is one of the finest games in the 8-bit genre. To see something that was originally supposed to be 2D go to 3D and then back to 2D in the blink of an eye is something special.

3/10 lamb worship

In an interview with Gamerant, art director James Pierman said, “Cult of the Lamb’s art style is still unabashedly cartoonish,” which explains this game well in a wacky way. The game is a combination of gruesome images mixed with cute cuddly creatures. Even the most difficult and horrible bosses have a cute side.

This leaves the player confused as to whether they want to hug them or run away from them. It is this unique aspect that makes the style suit her so well.

2/10 Psychonauts 2

Psychonauts 2 thrives inside surrealism. What’s great are the levels that can be created because of it. Everything seems to belong to itself because no two areas are alike. The color palettes are constantly changing to create a different emotional feel.

Whichever character is in the player’s mind is given through the textures and themes of the areas. Overall, Psychonauts 2 is one of the more unique concepts of the lot.

1/10 Cuphead

Cuphead’s art style can be appreciated by anyone who understands his hard work. It has a beautiful rubber hose style. The style of the rubber hose is the aesthetics of the 1930s cartoon which has been placed in the artistic atmosphere of the game.

What sets all this apart is the fact that the game has watercolor backgrounds. On top of that, all frames in the game were hand drawn and then inked to be placed in the game later.

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