Abu Dhabi’s Etihad Modern Art Gallery presents famous Hungarian art in a new exhibition

The exhibition will run until December 4, 2022 and features a selection of contemporary artworks from the collection of Hungary’s central bank, the Magyar Nemzeti Bank (MNB). These pieces examine the connection between writing and image in contemporary Hungarian painting, titled Pictography: Calligraphies, Signs, Gestures, and Letter Images.

The exhibition also features 12 prominent Hungarian artists who are well known and recognized on the Hungarian and international art scene. Many of them are leading figures of the Hungarian neo-avant-garde of the 1960s and 1970s, and others associated with the surrealist calligraphic paintings of Simon Hantaï, an artist whose work has been exhibited at Louvre Abu-Dhabi.

The works in the exhibition are based on the abstract tendencies of modern art, the different writing traditions of the great cultures and the need to express a feeling of being. Their pictorial values ​​link the personal and the universal, as well as new ways of creating spatiality, and the reconquest of spirituality from archaic writing.

Underlining the importance of calligraphy for Islamic culture, and in light of its value not only as a work of art but also as a source of inspiration, Anna Bagyó, advisor to MNB Arts and Culture and project coordinator, suggested writing as a potential theme. for the exhibition.

The theme of the exhibition is extended by a selection of award-winning Hungarian animated films, most of which have screened at prestigious international festivals.

The films will be presented in two sections, with 14 films for children and 32 films for adults.

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