Art e Fekts gallery presents artistic works by Helen Lavelle

PITTSTON – Helen Lavelle has owned and operated a successful Marketing / PR / Advertising agency for over 30 years. She has been campaigning against alcoholism, chemical dependence and domestic violence for decades. But what most people don’t know is that she has been an artist since childhood.

The Art e Fekts Gallery in Pittston hosted an art exhibit Thursday evening featuring Lavelle’s artistic works. After participating in numerous art exhibitions during her career, this was the first time she was able to show her work in the town where she attended high school, the former St. John the Catholic High School. Evangelist.

“I knew when I was a little girl I wanted to make art and create art,” Lavelle said. “When I was in St. John’s they didn’t have money to invest in an art program and I had an art teacher from Beverly Sabatini Glennon who helped me out and I also owe a lot to them. sisters. They knew I had the talent.

Lavelle said Glennon will bring her own art supplies from home just so she can have art supplies to work with.

Her art took a back seat once she graduated from Marywood College, working in Philadelphia and other places, before returning to northeastern Pennsylvania at the age of 28 to open. his branding / PR / advertising agency.

“I wanted to do my art, but I’m forgetting the part about running the business,” Lavelle said, explaining why she had to stop painting. “I really put my art aside for a long time and it was 10 years ago when my sister Alvie died that I said, I’m going to get back to my art.

Lavelle, who describes her art as very deep and personal, has exhibited her art across the country, but was thrilled to show her work to people in her own backyard.

“I feel like it’s the most wonderful thing in the world,” said Lavelle, of his work exhibiting in Pittston. “I think it’s really important for us to support the best artists and musicians here and how really important the artists of northeastern Pennsylvania are.”

Lavelle feels honored to exhibit her work at Art e Fekts, which many see as the focal point of the Pittston Arts District, and believes that there is a need for art in today’s society.

“I would like to shed some light on the fact that the arts are really responsible for helping to renovate Pittston,” added Lavelle. “This renaissance that’s going on right now is so huge, it’s not just me but there are other artists who are contributing locally.”

Art e Fekts has exhibited art from many local artists and Lavelle is the first non-resident artist to be featured.

“I am very excited about the turnout,” said Mary Kroptavich, Director of Art e Fekts. “Helen is our first guest artist to the gallery. Our other screenings were from resident artists. It’s an honor to have him here.

Kroptavich said she was a fan of Lavelle, admitting to purchasing a few of her pieces during the show.

“Art e Fekts needs support and I really believe art is going to heal us when we come out of this pandemic,” Lavelle said.

“Her art (Lavelle) is so invigorating,” said Kathie DiMaggio, retired art teacher at Pittston Area. “Her colors are so vibrant and powerful, that’s what really hits you. It’s intoxicating for me and when I entered (into the gallery) the aroma of the oil hit me. I was looking for something to motivate me and when I walked in that was it.

Agnès Vermac, Lavelle’s younger sister, was present for the exhibition, admitting that Helen’s art inspired her and her children.

“She can do anything,” Vermac said. “I saw her take a pencil and draw something so perfect that it looks like a photograph and in the same sense it can be so abstract. Hélène has always been talented.

Lavelle is a classically trained contemporary painter who studied at Marywood University in Scranton, Moore College of Art and Design in Philadelphia, and the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts.

His figurative, landscape and abstract works are held in corporate and private collections around the world. Lavelle’s art was inspired by his many travels through France, Italy, the United States, South America, Ireland and Greece.

Lavelle participates in the Painter with a Purpose initiative where a portion of the proceeds from online art sales on her website ( is donated to causes in need of public support such as Black Lives Matter , recovering women, agriculture and the environment, multiple sclerosis, art and education.

Lavelle is the owner and chief creative strategist of Lavelle Strategy Group in Scranton, a nationally recognized leader in the advertising industry.

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