Feel overwhelmed? Try these meditative art styles

Stressbusters come in all shapes and sizes. Everyone deals with stress differently and therefore their opportunities vary as well. A lot of it depends on how you deal with your issues and of course your personality as well. It’s not uncommon to have trouble expressing your feelings, this is where people often turn to other means of communication – like journaling, dancing, exercising and of course art. .

Art is a universal language but open to interpretation. It’s one of the most popular creative media out there, and the best part is, it doesn’t always make sense to anyone except the creator. It’s a way of telling stories, finding purpose in life and its many twists and turns, and creating something beautiful along the way. It has also proven to be an effective booster of physical, psychological, mental and social skills for all ages.

You don’t necessarily have to be good at art to try out fun art styles at home. They are simple and effective, do not require professional art supplies, and are suitable for everyone. They give you a chance to spread all your negative emotions onto a blank canvas and help you feel more peaceful and centered when you’re done. These techniques are meant to distract you from your problems and focus on the canvas in front of you, and as you gradually create one self-proclaimed masterpiece after another, you will find that your stress fades away. slowly too.

1. Mandala
A very popular art therapy medium in Hinduism and Buddhism, mandalas are radial designs that signify the creator’s state of mind. Drawn using crayons or markers, these designs can range from intricate to geometric with hundreds of tiny designs incorporated into one large circular design. Mandalas are said to be a direct reflection of the soul – so the more overlapping emotions you deal with, the more complex your mandala will be. But as your conception develops it is said that you will feel more relaxed and free.

Mandalas are radial patterns made up of tiny sub-patterns. You can also fill them with color.

Remember, whatever art style you choose, the result doesn’t have to mean or look like anything. It can simply be a reflection of your state of mind, an outlet for your restlessness, or just, your own thing of beauty.

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