Hansen siblings produce different styles of art | Community

With his mother and sister being artists, Rune said he felt he had a lot to do and couldn’t necessarily do what other family members were doing, he was frustrated. But since the family spent a year in a motorhome, he loves motorhomes.

“I had to keep looking and I found campers and I was like that, that’s going to be my thing,” Rune said.

Their mother Alissa created Stone Cottage Studio after being inspired by the house they bought in Wahoo, which looks like a stone cottage. For the past year or so, Alissa has focused on watercolor paintings of buildings throughout Saunders County.

Before that, her children said she had been creating for as long as they can remember. For Alissa, knowing that her children also enjoy doing what she loves to do is satisfying.

Their two contrasting styles are on display at the Redbone Ridge Trading Company, and Aspen’s work is also on display at the Turtle Creek Gallery in Ashland and the Moonrise Gallery in Elkhorn. Alissa said these opportunities for her children have been positive times of growth.

“I really love seeing them take a head start and learn the ins and outs of the art of building a business at a young age,” said Hansen. “It just gives them a foundation that I want to lean on.”

Throughout the experience of having art in a variety of different studios, both learned a lot. For Aspen, she learned more about the business as well as how to structure her own work, the importance of pricing her parts, and working with customers and other sellers.

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