LA Artists of Color’s New Modern Art Exhibit Opens at SoFi Stadium

The exhibition includes works by well-established artists as well as artists who are still early in their careers, including Texas Isaiah, Genevieve Gaignard, Patrick Martinez, and more. Of particular note is a self-portrait titled Necklace by an artist, curator, historian and scholar Hi Francois, a layered oil on canvas shimmering in shades of black and white against a wood grain ground. Here, Francis showcases her braided hair, a style that’s a piece of her heritage that stretches back generations, which she displays wrapped around her neck like an heirloom necklace.

Photographer Joseph Louis Sherman, Jr.. also presents a new work, a piece entitled Untitled, D (10 PTS, 10 REB and 10 AST). Sherman has won acclaim for his basketball photography and even won a ring for it – he was in the NBA bubble in the fall of 2020 photographing the Lakers. This work incorporates this imagery, depicting a black basketball player with an outstretched arm, seeking a rebound out of sight, and splatters it with streaks and blotches of white latex paint, which Sherman applied to the canvas with a real basketball. . It’s a striking piece of work, and as Sherman explains, it’s a commentary on white profit from black bodies and black labor. It takes on added meaning hanging here, in a magnificent black art gallery, on a mezzanine floor of the football stadium that Stan Kroenke built.

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