Medium Dual Reality art styles discussed in new video

We were looking forward to discovering the world of dual reality of The way for a moment. The developer is mixing the old and the new in their latest horror effort. In fact, both aspects were featured recently in an extended gameplay trailer. It’s the new side that intrigues the most, with a dual reality mechanic that has gone so far as to force the game to be only next-gen. While rendering two worlds at once is a bit of a technical marvel, there is more to it than sheer power.

The developer comes from posted another video in his Behind the Scenes series. This one examines how each reality contains a completely different artistic style. The real world elements of The way contain a muted color palette, and the team tried to capture the “dullness of everyday life” in this mode. It’s a little dark if we’re being honest, but the style works by creating a stark contrast to the spirit world.

In this world, the colors burst and the scenes are adorned with a bright orange hue. Bloober Team says they tried to make the spirit world more organic, but distinctly different from the normal world. The scenes still mirror each other, and the developer has made a deliberate effort to create an uncomfortable alternate reality that still feels eerily familiar.

Double Reality Details

The level of detail goes up to a granular level too. Bloober Team started by creating environments with small objects like bones and tissue, before using them to influence the visual design as a whole. The emphasis here is on environmental storytelling, which is essential for a horror game.

Overall, the game certainly looks interesting. Mediums The dual reality mechanic sets the game apart from other team projects, and we love the clear influences of classic survival horror. Hopefully the two realities can come together to create a cohesive experience.

The way releases January 28 via Steam, Epic Games Store, and Microsoft Store. Pre-orders currently offer a 10% discount, bringing the game down to US $ 44.99.

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