Ray between the covers: remembering Ray’s artistic works

India International Center (IIC) has launched “Ray between the Covers”, an exhibition of digital book jacket reprints, illustrated and designed by Satyajit Ray, who started his early work for “Signet Press”. The exhibit includes book jackets for his fiction and non-fiction work; examples of his calligraphic covers; puns with titles; dynamic and cheerful covers for children’s fiction and others.

Running from February 18 to March 1, 2022, from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. daily, this exhibition is part of the year-long celebrations marking the centenary of Satyajit Ray, known as the legendary filmmaker, writer, illustrator and music composer. .

Satyajit Ray was a multifaceted genius who will be remembered as much for his graphic design and illustrations as for his storytelling prowess. Before making a name for himself as a filmmaker, he was first and foremost a great artist.

He designed book covers, movie posters, illustrated children’s books and mastered calligraphy and typography creating many new fonts in Bengali and four Roman fonts, for which he received an award for the design of the typeface of “Ray Roman”.

Ray’s artistic work reflects sophisticated experimentation with various artistic styles and traditions, both local and foreign, without compromising aesthetics or authenticity. Throughout his career, drawing, graphic design and calligraphy have merged seamlessly with his cinema.

As part of the IIC’s centenary celebration of Ray’s birth, “Pen, Ink, Action: Satyajit Ray @100”,

this exhibit focuses solely on Ray as a book jacket designer, an area where he has received very little serious attention, particularly away from Bengal.

The exhibition features over 60 covers ranging from the first cover he designed for ‘Signet Press’, ‘Khirer Putul’ (Cheese Doll, 1944) to a wide range of other covers he designed for ‘Signet ‘ as well as many other publishing houses, always revealing something new with form and technique.

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