Visions poster highlights the exhibition’s diverse artistic styles

Lucasfilm is releasing a new poster for its upcoming Disney + animated series Star Wars: Visions, ahead of the show’s premiere later this month.

Lucasfilm has released a new poster for its upcoming Disney + series, Star Wars: Visions, which showcases the various artistic styles of the show. Visions is one of Lucasfilm’s most experimental ventures since Disney acquired the property in 2012. Star wars is no stranger to animation as a storytelling medium, this series is unique in that it is a collaborative effort between the studio and several different animation studios based directly in Japan, a poetic decision given the influence of Japanese culture on George Lucas’ original vision for Star wars. Moreover, rather than following a linear narrative unfolding within a specific epoch, Star Wars: Visions will be an anthology series that will address different eras throughout the franchise’s long timeline.


Last month Star Wars: Visions The trailer gave audiences a taste of the high octane kinetic animation styles featured in each episode. As a handful of familiar faces (most notably in the form of a chibi-style Boba Fett) appear, most of the new footage highlights entirely new characters rendered in artistic styles that are literally alien territory for the franchise. . Among the seven Japanese animation studios who bring their talents to the series are Studio Trigger (Kill La Kill, Little Witches Academy) and IG Production (Ghost in the shell). Lucasfilm obviously provided little to no overall aesthetic guidelines for the series, giving each studio a chance to showcase their distinct creative sensibilities. As the show’s marketing campaign continues, Visions’ various artistic styles clearly remain a selling point for the show.

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The official Star wars The Twitter account recently released a new poster for Star Wars: Visions which also brings to the fore the unique artistic styles of the show. Although the poster features Boba Fett and an X-wing, the recognizable imagery is relatively small compared to the original characters in the series. Check out the full poster below:

Star Wars: Visions can be steeped in the tradition of Star wars universe, but the series’ marketing campaign ensures that the series won’t rely on familiar iconography as a crutch. That the show’s creators are so confident in their original creations bodes well for the project as a whole. Lucasfilm’s decision to keep Visions outside the binding limits of Star wars cannon was clearly the long-awaited arm-shot that the franchise had needed for some time.

As Star wars continues to grow, experimental companies like Visions are necessary to keep the universe fresh. One of the franchise’s oldest pitfalls has been its over-reliance on nostalgia and callbacks to the ancients. Star wars movie theater. Yes Star Wars: Visions is a success, I hope Disney and Lucasfilm take notes for future entries into the galaxy far, far away.

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Star Wars: Visions will premiere on Disney + on September 22.

Source: Star wars/ Twitter

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